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A site dedicated to stone for building construction and interior design. We are specialized in limestone, sandstone and slate. You can find a god selection and price for it here. Stones are the most heterogeneous commercial group of decorative stone materials. Belonging to it are numerous lithotypes with very different compositions and natures tha makes very difficult their classification. The following is a stone classification based in large part on scientific terms which are often used in commercial practice, too.

Sandstone: including sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of a prevalently silicate nature in a granular structure that is generally large-to medium-grain, sometimes easily flaked into evenly-surfaced slabs

Slate: including metamorfic rocks of a prevalently silicate nature in fine grains that can be flaked into slabs with regular or irregular surfaces; some types can be polished

Limestone: including sedimentary rock of heterogeneous composition, often not very compact but tenacious on the average


All tile can have custom finishing: Honed, Brushed, Split face, Bush hammer, Sanded, Aged.

Tile size: 12"x12"x3/4"-12"x24"x3/4" -24"x24"x3/4"-12"x12"x3/8" -12"x24"x3/8"-18"x18"x3/8"

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Bedonia Black Slate
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